Tactical Considerations for Futsal Formations

Tactical Considerations for Futsal Formations

ByBryan Koch6 min read

The formations used in futsal are really important for a team to do well. Every formation has its own set…

How To Organize a Futsal Tournament [Hidden Tips]

How to organize a futsal tournament [Hidden Tips]

ByBryan Koch11 min read

To have a successful futsal tournament, it’s important to plan and execute each step carefully. This will help the event…

The Most Common Futsal Injuries

The most common futsal injuries

ByDeivid Chaves7 min read

Futsal is a safer sport to play. But like in other sports, injuries do happen to futsal players occasionally. The…

Futsal vs Soccer

Futsal Vs Soccer

ByBryan Koch7 min read

In the view of Futsal vs Soccer, these two sports look similar but closely differ in terms of playing environment…

Goal kick in a futsal game

Futsal (Futsol)

ByBryan Koch7 min read

Futsal (Futsol) is recognized by both FIFA and UEFA. It is an exciting and officially recognized small-sided indoor soccer or, football game played worldwide. Futsal is a football-based game that…

What is Futsal

What is Futsal

ByBryan Koch5 min read

You probably know about “Football or, Soccer”. But, did you know, what is futsal? Futsal is a sport that is played on a hard court, typically indoors. It is a…

History of Futsal beginning

History of Futsal

ByDeivid Chaves6 min read

Futsal is the FIFA-recognized form of small-pitch indoor football or, soccer. The word “Futsal” contraction of the Spanish “fútbol sala”. At first, it originated in Uruguay in 1930. After that,…

Futsal in the Olympics

Futsal in the Olympics

ByDeivid Chaves4 min read

Futsal in the Olympics! Yeah, that’s true. Futsal is also known as indoor football. It has experienced remarkable global growth since its inception in South America during the early 20th…

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