What is Futsal

You probably know about “Football or, Soccer”. But, did you know, what is futsal?

Futsal is a sport that is played on a hard court, typically indoors. It is a variant of mini soccer and it is played with a smaller and heavier ball. It played two teams of five players each, including a goalkeeper.

What is Futsal

It plays on a court similar to a basketball court but slightly larger. The Futsal game is played at a fast pace compared to soccer. So, precision dribbling and passing skills are crucial because of the rapid ball movement. The limited space allows for quicker passing and shooting opportunities. 

What is futsal

What is Futsal Soccer?

Futsal is a modified version of the soccer sport. It is also referred to as indoor soccer. It is a variant of soccer that is played indoors on a smaller field. When playing on a hardwood court instead of grass, the heavier ball necessitates a more delicate touch and greater control. 

In indoor soccer, teams play shorter halves compared to outdoor soccer due to the intense physical exertion required in the limited playing area. Players have the ability to perform advanced ball skills, such as feints and nutmegs. These skills are crucial for effectively bypassing opposing defenses.

Futsal Introduction and Recognition By FIFA:

  • FIFA has recognized futsal as an official sport.
  • Futsal is a fast-paced and skillful version of football.
  • Futsal is the FIFA-recognized form of small-sided indoor football.
  • It is played between two teams.
  • Total 10 players & each consisting of five players.
  • Rolling substitutes are allowed.
  • Futsal uses a smaller ball compared to traditional soccer.
  • The ball is harder and less bouncy.
  • The game is played on a hardcourt surface, typically indoors.

What is a Futsal Game?

A Futsal game is a form of mini-indoor football game. It is played on a smaller pitch and hard court surface.

The game consists of two teams competing against each other to score more goals than their opponents within two 20-minute halves. Here, you can make substitutions on the fly at any time. During gameplay, physical contact is restricted to maintain the focus on technique. To break down the opposing defense, it is crucial that you understand the art of dribbling, shooting, and executing effective team passing combinations.

What Size is a Futsal Ball?

The size of the official Futsal ball is smaller compared to that of a traditional soccer ball. The circumference of the object ranges from 62 to 64 cm, and its weight ranges from 400 to 440g. 

This feature enables quicker maneuvering in confined areas on the court. The use of heavier leather construction helps to maintain momentum for powerful shots, but it reduces the bounce height.

Futsal Ball:

  • Futsal is played with a smaller, harder ball compared to regular soccer.
  • The ball has less bounce, making it easier to control and maneuver on the court.
  • The smaller size of the ball allows for more precise passes and shots.
  • Futsal balls are typically made of leather or synthetic materials.

What is the official size of a futsal ball?

According to FIFA (Futsal International Governing Body), fix the official Futsal Ball size:

official size of a futsal ball

Information Credit: WebArchiveOrg

  • The official size of a futsal ball is between 62.5cm to 63.5cm in circumference. 
  • The weight of the ball falls within the range of 410gm to 430gm. 

The Futsal ball is heavier than a standard soccer ball. The main reason for modifying the futsal ball is that it gives advantages for quick and agile movements in tight spaces on the futsal court. 

What is a Futsal Court?

A Futsal Court is a type of sports court specifically designed for playing futsal.

The dimensions of an indoor court are typically between 25m and 42m in length, and 15m to 25m in width. But the international futsal court size is 20m wide and 40m long. 

These dimensions make the indoor court roughly one-third the size of a soccer field. Unlike indoor soccer venues, there are no walls or barriers. Lines define creative pass opportunities within the limited space. A maximum of ten players, including the goalkeepers, are allowed to participate on the field at a given time.

Court Size and Layout:

  • Futsal is played on a hardcourt surface, similar to a basketball court.
  • The court dimensions are usually 38-42 meters in length and 20-25 meters in width.
  • The boundaries are marked by lines. There are no walls or boards surrounding the court.
  • The goals are placed at each end of the court. They are slightly smaller than traditional soccer goals.

What is the FIFA Futsal World Cup?

The FIFA Futsal World Cup is an international tournament organized by FIFA that showcases the sport of futsal at a global level.

The global championship is battled out by leading country futsal squads in this significant worldwide competition, which occurs once every four years. Uruguay is the present champion in the 2020 contest that occurred in Lithuania. Over 50 nations take part in regional preliminary competitions to progress to the ultimate phases. The worldwide expansion of futsal is promoted through an association by the global regulating body FIFA.

The Bottom Lines:

The short answer to the question “What is futsal?” is that it is the FIFA-approved form of indoor small-sided football. In recent years, Futsal has become more and more famous across the globe.  So, if you’re looking for an exciting and challenging variation of the soccer game, give futsal a try!

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