Deivid Chaves

Hello, I'm Deivid Chaves. I have a professional career as a futsal player. As a collegiate player for my school team, I had the opportunity to participate in numerous tournaments. I have over 10 years of experience in Futsal. Currently, I am working as a content strategist and writer for Futsalcart, where I focus on creating content related to the sport of futsal. In addition, I offer coaching services for children interested in playing futsal in Pennsylvania, United States. For further information, please contact me at

Futsal in the Olympics

Futsal in the Olympics! Yeah, that’s true. Futsal is also known as indoor football. It has experienced remarkable global growth since its inception in South America during the early 20th century.  Despite the global participation of approximately 30 million athletes in Futsal. This sport was introduced to the Olympics for the very first occasion in …

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Futsal in the Olympics

History of Futsal

Futsal is the FIFA-recognized form of small-pitch indoor football or, soccer. The word “Futsal” contraction of the Spanish “fútbol sala”. At first, it originated in Uruguay in 1930. After that, futsal quickly gained popularity all over South America and Europe. It was officially recognized by FIFA in 1989. Futsal has its own set of rules, …

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History of Futsal beginning
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