Sarah Panza

Hello, my name is Sarah Panza. I’m from Michigan in the US. I played for the Futsal Women’s Team as a professional college player. I am a coach now. In Michigan, I’ve been working as a soccer and futsal coach. You may reach out to me at for further details.

Introduction to Futsal

The basic introduction to Futsal is: “Futsal is a high-speed sport of an indoor version of football or, soccer played on a smaller field. It includes two groups of five and a combined total of ten participants.” Futsal is not the same as regular soccer when it comes to the playing area, size of the […]

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Introduction to Futsal

Women Futsal

Women Futsal is a popular sport for women like women’s football. It is an indoor variant of soccer that is played on a smaller and harder pitch. It has its own set of rules, with five players. Women’s futsal has gained popularity among women in recent years. It offers a thrilling and competitive experience for

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Women Futsal Vs. Women Football

Benefits of Futsal

Futsal is an economical, safe, and enjoyable sport that offers significant benefits. These benefits of Futsal make it an excellent choice for players of all ages and abilities.  Playing Futsal is an excellent way workout that helps to improve player skills and develop physical & mental health.  In this article, I will explore the various

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Benefits of Futsal
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